Why a wet room is a great bathroom option

Wet rooms are now becoming a bathroom staple due to the demand for open plan living and being able to create the illusion of greater space.


Whether we are looking at a downstairs small space or a luxury bathroom, wet rooms can work in any area size.    The idea of a wet room is that the whole room becomes water proof by tanking the room, you can then choose as to whether you have a glass screen to contain splashes, if you have the room to spread out the rest of your furniture you may not need this.

Modern wet room.jpg
Impey wet room.jpg

The floor is slightly sloped towards the drain of the wet room and therefore you cannot use just any flooring.  By creating an alcove in the shower area this allows for a space for storing shampoo etc inside your shower area.  Again this alcove is slightly sloped to allow the water to run towards to the front and not pool at the back.

Your bathroom does not have to be modern or contemporary for a wet room to work, these look just at home in a traditional bathroom with exposed shower valves.

Traditional wet room.jpg

If you have the room you can create a “walk through” shower area with a glass screen to protect the rest of the room from splashes. Make your wet room even easier to clean by using wet wall panels rather than tiles on the walls, such as these from Nuance.

Nuance wet wall panels.jpg

You can still install underfloor heating in a wet room for that additional touch of luxury under your feet.

People with mobility issues can hugely benefit from the installation of a wet room in light of the practicality of having no raised step or doors to contend with.

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Gabi Riseley